Yomigo Waivers


Introducing Yomigo waivers.  Along with our checkout plugin, we are introducing our waiver plugin that is contactless by design.  Yomigo waivers are:

  • Integrated with bookeo
  • Contactless
  • Mobile Friendly


Bookeo Integration


Yomigo waivers are built with bookeo integration.  Although they can work standalone, the integration with bookeo allows businesses that use bookeo to track waiver signatures by booking.  This is a great feature for escape rooms.  You can quickly check how many members of a party have signed and unsigned waivers.


                   Quickly View Participants from Bookeo Booking with signed and unsigned waivers


Contactless Waivers


Due to Covid-19 having processes in place to reduce contact points has become very important.  Yomigo waivers are built to be fully contactless.  As a business owner, you can quickly send an email or a Text message to your customer with a link to sign their waiver when they walk into your business.  The customer can use their device to sign the waiver.


                                             Quickly Invite others to sign the waiver


Mobile Friendly


To make the waivers contactless, being mobile-friendly is very important.  Our waivers are designed from the ground up to be mobile-friendly.  This will allow your customers to quickly sign and invite others using their own devices.



                                                                    Signature Pad on Mobile Device