How it Works

Here is the format of how the competition works.


Register a team between 3 - 5 players to join the competition


Schedule Your Games

Once you register, use the competition dashboard to schedule your games. Go to 101 Escape Rooms at your schedules time and play your games. Your will receive a score for each game you escape (more information on scoring below).



The competition ends on March 31, 2021. Use the dashboard to check how your team is performing against other teams. The team with the highest total score at the end of the competition is declared the winner The winning team will receive a Trophy.

Competition Games

101 Escape Rooms will be hosting the competition. We will be playing the following games at 101 Escape Rooms.

Starship Libra

So much for your leisurely trip to Mars. You’re 3 months into your flight when you hit an asteroid storm and take catastrophic damage to the ship. Your group is the only one left on board. Your vacation plans have been scrapped-the crew has taken an escape pod home. Your job now is to save YOURSELVES! You must power up what’s left of the ship to make it to the last remaining escape pod and begin your journey home. The remaining life support systems will cease all functions in 60 minutes.

The Crematorium

A night out with some friends turns into a delightfully dangerous situation. Your stroll through a cemetery ends with your group trapped INSIDE the crematorium. You'll have an hour to find your way out before things get a bit too hot to handle. This sinister cemetery has a few secrets waiting for you.

ALTAMIRA (the cave)

Spain is beautiful this time of year. Your tour was going great until you decided to break away from your tour guide. Now your crew has stumbled upon some things that don't look quite right. Can you solve this mystery and... more importantly... get out before the spirits take over?

Yomigo Scoring

Given the competition is for multiple games we have come up with a scoring system. The team with the highest score after playing all three rooms wins!

Start: 10,000 Points

Each team is given 10,000 points at the start of each game.


Time: (-1) Point

When the team escapes, the total time used to escape in seconds is subtracted from the 10,000 points.


Clues: (-750) Points

For each clue you request from the game master, 750 points are subtracted from the 10,000 points.


No Clues Bonus: 2,000 Points

Escape without asking for any clues and get a bonus 2,000 points.